September 2020

Monthly topical artices kindly supplied by a regular visiting               

speaker from Northampton: Stan Burditt.



VIEW FROM THE PULPIT               September 2020

Bow the knee

Many sports events and games are commencing with a new practice of “taking a knee” in support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  It is a token of support for the black community, acknowledging that black lives matter.  In the sight of God all lives matter and we shall see how this is revealed in the Bible.  Taking a knee is a demonstration of support for the cause, bowing the knee is more than a token gesture; it is a demonstration of submission to a higher power. 

About 50 years ago Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice wrote the lyrics and music for the musical “Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.  The book of Genesis is the historic record of 7 men, 3 before the flood (Adam, Enoch and Noah) and 4 after the flood (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph).  The musical dips into the record of Jacob and Joseph giving an accurate account of what took place when Joseph had his two dreams about the 11 sheaves and also the sun, moon and stars.  When Joseph told his brethren of the 11 sheaves bowing down to his sheaf in the first dream, they hated him and purposed in their hearts to kill him.  When further he dreamt about the sun and moon bowing down to him they hated him the more. It is true that the coat of many colours that Jacob gave to his son identified him as someone special.  When Joseph’s brethren cast him into a pit and took his coat from him, they tore it and dipped it in lamb's blood, to take to their father to deceive him into thinking that a wild beast had killed Joseph.  They sold Joseph into Egypt as a slave for 20 pieces of silver.  Joseph’s life progressed in Egypt from being falsely accused and thrown into prison to being taken into Pharaoh's palace to interpret Pharaoh's dreams and to prepare for the years of plenty and the years of famine.  Joseph’s wisdom, skill and understanding impressed Pharaoh when the storehouses were filled with grain in the years of plenty and distributed to the needs of the nations in the years of famine.  Pharaoh called Joseph Zaphnath-Paaneah, which means “the Saviour of the world”.  The famine that hit Canaan caused Josephs brethren to go into Egypt to buy corn.  It was in those series of meetings with Joseph , who was not known to them, that they bowed down before him, fulfilling the dream of the 11 sheaves bowing down to his sheaf.  Pharaoh gave Joseph land in the north of Egypt for Jacob and his family to move from Canaan into a land of plenty.  As the story unfolds of Joseph as the beloved of the Father but hated by his brethren it is prophetic of the Son of God, loved of the Father but when he came into the world he was hated by his brethren.  Joseph’s robe was torn and blooded; the robe that Christ wore was stripped from his bleeding body and gambled for by soldiers at the foot of his cross.  Joseph was made second ruler in Egypt and was clothed with kingly garments, Christ will return again to earth clothed in garments of majesty and glory. 

Before the flood Noah had three sons, Ham, Shem and Japheth, these three with their respective wives began to repopulate the earth after the flood.  Scripture teaches us that Ham is the father of black nations, Shem (Semitic) is the father of the Jew and Arab nations and Japheth is the father of the white nations.  After the Jews crucified Jesus he rose from the dead and ascended to heaven.   The gospel began to be preached in Jerusalem to the Jews but the stoning of Stephen showed their rejection and hatred of Messiah.  Acts chapter 7 tells us what Stephen preached and that they took up stones to stone him.  Chapter 8 of the book of the Acts opens up a new door - a door of salvation for the Gentiles, and the first life that was reached with the gospel was a black Ethiopian Eunuch, demonstrating clearly that black lives matter to God. How lovely that it was this man, of great authority, that was the vessel to carry the message of eternal life to his Queen and Country.  Acts chapter 9 tells us of a descendent of Shem, a Jew named Saul of Tarsus.  This man was wonderfully converted from persecuting Christians to serving the Lord and reaching out to many peoples with the gospel.  The following chapter deals with a descendant of Japheth who was a Roman Centurion.  Peter preached in the house of Cornelius and the soldier was converted with others also in the house.  All lives matter to God, yours and mine.  Christ died for sinners, which we ALL are. 

At some time in the future every knee is going to bow to the Son of God.  We read in Philippians ch 2 v 10 and 11 “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father”.   Think about these three spheres, things in heaven (celestial), things in earth (terrestrial), things under the earth (infernal).  A time will soon come when the Church consisting of every born again believer will be taken to heaven when Jesus comes to the air and calls away his blood bought bride.   We shall appear at the Judgment seat of Christ and bow the knee before him and gladly confess with our mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.  During the Tribulation days that follow on earth, the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached and some will believe and bow the knee.  Sadly all those who reject Christ will be found in hell, too late to confess him as Lord and be saved, but compelled to bow the knee before Him.

God bless,     


Stan Burditt